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The NOC internship programme is now represented in eleven leading entrepreneurial hotspots across the globe - Beijing, Israel, Lausanne, Munich, New York, SE Asia, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Stockholm and Toronto. Get more opportunities and options to experience life at start-ups around the world. Choose to spend a full year, half year or three months with the programme - you get to decide what's best for you!

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Full Year Programme (For Undergraduates)

Feel the buzz of creative energy and experience the rollercoaster ride of emotions as companies are founded, bought and sold. Our one-of-a-kind full year internship programme places interns in dynamic entrepreneurial hubs around the world. Take classes at prestigious universities. Interact with famous start-up founders, angel investors and other inspiring role models to learn the secrets of their success.


Short Programme

Transform your mindset. Get a short but intense immersion in Beijing, Israel, SE Asia, Singapore, Lausanne and Munich. Experience life at a start-up and discover exciting opportunities.

For Undergraduates

For Undergraduates & Post-graduates


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