Tencent-NUS Cloud Startup Program


Tencent and NUS Enterprise are launching a cloud startup program to nurture and incubate companies through the services of Tencent Cloud.

Harnessing the strengths of Tencent's cloud offerings and NUS's expertise in incubating startups, the program will cover the following major areas:
  • Tencent Cloud services and technology for startups: Within the first year, up to 20 NUS startups will be mutually selected by Tencent and NUS to utilize Tencent Cloud services. These NUS startups will receive technical support, solution, online and offline training with respect to Tencent Cloud products, and gain more insight regarding best practices in their respective fields.
  • Marketing support and speaking opportunities: Tencent will support the selected NUS startups with marketing efforts, and selected companies will also be featured as speakers in events organized by Tencent.
  • Access to Tencent's ecosystem support: The selected NUS startups will also be granted access to Tencent's Artificial Intelligence Lab, dedicated AI services and other relevant means to create applications and other features. Tencent will also provide the selected NUS startups with reasonable access to other ecosystem support from Tencent, along with opportunities to obtain direct or other investments, receive leads and build connections with global ecosystem partners.
​To apply to join the program, please complete and submit the following Application Form.