Industry Partnerships

Bayer HealthCare


Bayer HealthCare’s R&D focuses focuses on identifying and developing new active substances for treating diseases with high unmet medical need. The initiative seeks to identify and develop novel small-molecule leads, particularly in the fields of oncology, cardiology, hematology and gynecological therapies.

Eli Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery


Eli Lilly has established a program to provide academic investigators access to proprietary, disease-relevant phenotypic assays (PD2) and sophisticated in vitro target-based assays (TargetD2) for the screening of small molecules targeting cancer, neurological disorders and metabolic diseases.


Academic Centre of Excellence Singapore

ACE is a virtual research network pursuing projects of mutual interest to GSK and Singapore academic scientists and developing partnerships to accelerate translational research and progress our shared goal of making new medicines available to the patients that need them.

Discovery Partnerships with Academia

Discovery Partnerships with Academia

LIMR Chemical Genomics Center


The LIMR Chemical Genomics Center connects university and pharma scientists in a totally new way to validate ‘druggability’ of innovative cell-signaling targets through a new translational-research framework for public-private partnering.Double-Blinded Drug Discovery® (DBD2).

Merck Investigator Studies Programme


The Merck Investigator Studies Program is designed to advance science and improve patient care by supporting, through the provision of drug/vaccine and/or total/partial funding, high-quality research that is initiated, designed, implemented and sponsored by external investigators.

Samsung Global Research Outreach (GRO) Programme


Samsung GRO programme is open to leading universities around the world. Samsung, through its Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, invites universities to submit innovative research proposals on an annual basis, in alignment with Samsung’s many different research fields.