Silicon Valley is the name given to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, located in California, USA. It is home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations, as well as thousands of tech startup companies, serving as a global centre for high technology, innovation and social media.

NOC Silicon Valley is a full year programme, esteemed and challenging for our students. Apart from interning and networking with movers and shakers in the tech community, students also take entrepreneurship-related and discipline-based courses at Stanford University, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions located right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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The NOC programme is financially neutral, which means that students should expect to pay out of their own pocket the monthly expenses that they would have incurred if they had remained in Singapore. This personal contribution plus the monthly stipend should be sufficient to cover the monthly cost of living overseas. Students continue to pay regular tuition fees to NUS for the duration of the programme, while programme costs will be borne by NOC. Personal expenditures are expected to vary, as it depends on the individual preferences and lifestyle.

NUS Overseas Colleges will provide the following: 

  • Tuition fees for approved entrepreneurship and discipline-based courses at the partner university
  • NUS student travel insurance

Students need to pay:

  • ​Your regular tuition and other miscellaneous fees to NUS;
  • Regular overseas living expenses
  • Round trip air-fare and cost of visa application to Silicon Valley
  • Additional expenses incurred for personal/recreational activities

Student Testimonials

Having always had a deep interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, I knew I wanted to gain more experience in the startup scene. Midway through the programme, the culture and people in Silicon Valley had already left me in awe, and I had gained more knowledge and experience than I could ever imagine. I was amazed at how the startups here have a never-ending thirst for innovation and a mindset that embrace failure. Working in a startup, I not only learnt to deepen my technical skills, but also had the opportunity to work closely with the founders and learn more about their various experiences in building a successful startup. I am excited for the rest of my time here and can’t wait to bring my experiences back to Singapore!

Audrey Wong

NOC Silicon Valley Current Intern | Batch 35_January 2019, Faculty of Engineering | Materials Science & Engineering

Personally, I knew close to nothing about entrepreneurship before embarking on the NOC program. It was the opportunity to be able to work in a startup and learn from some of the very best in the world in Silicon Valley that was most enticing for me. However, upon reaching there and starting to mingle with peers and colleagues, their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship began to rub off on me and I too started to think of potential startup ideas all the time. During my one year I have become much more proficient from a technical standpoint, learnt about what makes a great startup tick from the inside and formed many connections with people in Silicon Valley and Singapore. I was constantly busy, either with work from Stanford or from NUS, but being able to deal with all these things had made me infinitely more resilient and I definitely did learn a lot more this way. What I would say is this - what and how much you take out of this journey, should you choose to embark on it, solely depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in. As for me, I can safely say that it has been one of the most memorable experiences in my life so far and what I have learnt will definitely serve me well heading into the future

K Muruges

NOC Silicon Valley alumnus | Batch 34_August 2018, Faculty of School of Computing | Computer Science

This one year in Silicon Valley opened my eyes, deep diving into the start-up scene, learning the know-hows, working alongside and interacting with the best entrepreneurs at the heart of tech. The start-up experience was life changing and very very exciting! I was given the chance to learn entirely new skills in the booming space of hiring such as - B2B SaaS sales, growth and marketing. This exciting year allowed me to work on tasks that matter, succeeding in some but also failing in some, and through these, learned skills and many life lessons. I met many interesting people, made new friends, attended tons of cool events and most importantly, grew up. This one year helped me better understand how the world works and also helped me better understand myself and where my passion lies. This year on NOC is by far the best one of my university life, and the most meaningful one. I am thankful, and excited for what is to come!

Auston Quek

NOC Silicon Valley alumnus | Batch 34_August 2018, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences | Communications & New Media