NOC Silicon Valley is based in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Home to high-tech powerhouses including Apple, Google, Yahoo, Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Valley is the very epitome of extraordinary innovation and entrepreneurship. So much so that its influence has spread worldwide, with almost every region across the globe wanting to become “the next Silicon Valley.

NOC Silicon Valley is a full year programme, esteemed and challenging for our students. Apart from interning and networking with movers and shakers in the tech community, students also take entrepreneurship-related and discipline-based courses at Stanford University, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions located right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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NOC programme is financially neutral, whereby students should not incur additional costs due to their participation in the programme. During the programme, students will continue to pay for regular living expenses with their personal allowances, while they will be paid a monthly stipend to defray the additional expenses for living overseas. Students continue to pay regular tuition fee to NUS for the duration of the programme, while programme costs will be borne by NOC. Personal expenditures are expected to vary, as it depends on the individual preferences and lifestyle.

NUS Overseas Colleges will provide the following: 

  • Tuition fees for approved entrepreneurship and discipline-based courses at the partner university
  • Consulting professor appointed to supervise student on internship
  • NUS student travel insurance

Students need to pay:

  • ​Your regular tuition and other miscellaneous fees to NUS;
  • Regular overseas living expenses
  • Additional expenses incurred for interest/recreational activities
  • Round trip air-fare and cost of Visa application to Silicon Valley

Programme Mentors

Wong Poh Kam

Dr. Wong currently holds joint Associate Professorship appointments at NUS Business School and LKY School of Public Policy. He concurrently serves as Director, Entrepreneurship Centre, NUS, where he oversees the strategic development of experiential education program in entrepreneurship, the formulation and implementation of various university technology commercialization and spin-off support programs as well as various general entrepreneurship promotion/outreach programs.

Himawan Gunadhi

Dr Himawan Gunadhi is the co-founder and CEO of Haileo, Inc., a startup in multi-media classification and search. From 2006 to 2008, he served as founding COO and subsequently CFO of NetSeer, Inc., a breakthrough Internet search and advertising company in Los Angeles, CA. He led NetSeer's efforts in developing business, financial, product and market entry strategies, and was instrumental in the company obtaining $14M in venture financing.

Pamela J.Hinds

Pamela J. Hinds is an Associate Professor with the Center on Work, Technology, & Organization in the Department of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University. She studies the effect of technology on groups. Pamela has conducted extensive research on the dynamics of geographically distributed work teams, particularly those spanning national boundaries. She explores issues of culture, language, shared identity, conflict, and the role of face-to-face meetings in promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration. Pamela also conducts research on professional service robots in the work environment, examining how people make sense of them and how they affect work practices

Nam Ling

Nam Ling received a B.Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He received an M.S. degree and a Ph.D. degree, both in Computer Engineering, from the Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana (formerly the University of Southwestern Louisiana), Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A. After completing his Ph.D. in 1989, Dr. Ling joined Santa Clara University, located in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. He is currently a full Professor with the Department of Computer Engineering and the Associate Dean (Graduate Programs and Research) for the School of Engineering, Santa Clara University.

Choo Voon Yim

Voon Yim has been working with NUS Entrepreneurship Center since October 2011, as a Venture Capital consultant to help nurture and guide Singapore based startups to exploring the US market. Concurrently, Voon Yim also serves as a mentor for students undergoing internships with Silicon Valley startups under the NUS Overseas College program.

Peter Purushotma

Peter is Singaporean, has varied International Industry experience with extensive personal relationships in Australia, Asia-Pacific and the United States. These include Cxx and Board level relationships. He initiated dialog with the founders of these US companies, conceived and implemented. winning strategies for their Asia Pacific Markets through Far East Computers.

Student Testimonials

I've always believed in the unlimited opportunities and challenges in entrepreneurship, but I knew I needed more business knowledge to realize my imagination. Thanks to NOC, the experience in Silicon Valley was incredibly life-changing and rewarding. I learned practical frameworks from the best professors of Stanford and NUS, and levelled up my skills at a start-up internship. I met interesting people and attended interesting events, matured through my travels and made new friends. While the whole experience was unbelievably busy, I know that it can never be replicated. There's really nothing like the NOC experience, and I counted my blessings every morning that I'm in California. It was only a year, but it's for the benefit of a lifetime. The experience built me to be a better person with stronger beliefs. Today, I'm putting my knowledge and skills into building a start-up. I highly recommend NOC to those who wants to take a step forward and see that life is not all about obligations but opportunities.

Ho Ren Sen

NOC Silicon Valley alumnus, Faculty of Undergraduate, School of Computing

As the startup scene in Singapore was gaining increasing attention, I was curious to find out more about entrepreneurship. I figured there was no better time for me to visit Silicon Valley, a place often crowned as the heart of entrepreneurship, the birthplace of startups. I wanted to find out what Silicon Valley is all about, and if there is anything Singaporeans can learn from. In this one year, I observed that the valley goes beyond just a physical location - it is a state of mind, where people there are extremely open to failures, they are not afraid of trying new ideas and they are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can address human’s needs. My one year internship experience opened my eyes to the vibrant entrepreneurial culture in the valley. I woke up every morning feeling excited to start my day - I get to work with and learn from start-up founders, build up my business skills sets, take part in entrepreneurial events and mingle with the local startup community. It is the best one year of my university life!

Sylvia Look

NOC Silicon Valley alumnus, Faculty of Undergraduate, NUS Business School