The highly sought after NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme breaks new grounds in Bandung, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As part of the NOC Southeast Asia (NOC SE Asia) programme, students get to embark on a 3-month internship with innovative start-ups in the rapidly developing Southeast Asian economy.

Launched last year, the NOC SE Asia programme sent 15 students to start-ups based in Jakarta and Yogyakarta in May 2018, and received raving reviews from both students and start-ups alike. This year, we reached out to start-ups in Bandung and Ho Chi Minh City to create a greater variety of opportunities. There was a spike in the number of applicants, and we were able to send almost triple the number of students this summer.

  • 43 students have embarked on this year’s NOC SE Asia programme
  • 18 of them are in the two new cities
  • They will be there from May to July this year
  • Diverse range of students from different years and faculties

​The programme aims to introduce students to the dynamic economies of Southeast Asia and expose them to start-ups in areas such as agricultural technology, fintech, e-commerce and more. NOC SE Asia is currently operating in 4 cities in the region:
Jakarta: Main start-up hub in Indonesia with more than 10 million population and it is the best place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and seek for funding that covers a wide range of industries from Fintech, E-commerce, Logistics, to AgriTech. According to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019 by Startup Genome, Jakarta is now set to challenge the domination of global start-up ecosystems such as Silicon Valley and Beijing.
Bandung: Bandung, the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province, has a reputation for being one of the most creative cities in Indonesia and a rising start-up scene. They were appointed by UNESCO as part of its Creative Cities Network, and had been known for their creative and innovative fashion industry even before the start-up boom. A mere 2.5hrs drive from Jakarta, coupled with the presence of respectable universities and a supportive local government, Bandung is the convergence of talents, support and opportunities.

Students from the initial batch are interning in tech start-ups ranging from Cybersecurity, Green Tech to HR services –half of which are based at our very own BLOCK71 Bandung. Two of these start-ups are founded by NUS alumni. The students there can also tap on the BLOCK71 Bandung events and start-up ecosystem to extend their network and horizon.

Yogyakarta: A tradition and culture-rich city that is home to Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) which hosts a wide array of talent pool for tech start-ups. Coupled with the young demographics, Yogyakarta has also attracted a growing gaming start-up community. The start-up scene in Yogyakarta is growing with many start-ups relocating into the city due to lower operation cost and better traffic conditions.
Ho Chi Minh City: Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city and the economic centre of Vietnam, with a population of 8.4million. It is home to the largest stock exchange in Vietnam (in terms of market capitalisation), and has seen heavy investments by the government to promote entrepreneurship, growing varsity incubation facilities, and updates to policies on foreign investments, all of which are fuelling the start-up scene. Started off as a technical outsourcing city, Vietnamese business founders are innovative, technically competent, and highly creative. Apart from strong IT-solution-based companies, more companies are embracing areas such as IOT, machine learning, and social enterprise. With strong government support and a large talent pool, Ho Chi Minh City’s start-up scene is vibrant, growing and ready to take on the world stage.

Students from the initial batch are interning in a wide range of tech start-ups, some of the more interesting ones include a company that uses AI, computer vision and deep learning to analyse consumer behaviour, and another that provides music experience through games. Of the partner start-up companies, two of them are founded by NUS alumni, including one from NOC.

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No curriculum offered under the 3-month NOC SE Asia programme. This is a non-credit bearing programme.
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