Home for Entrepreneurial Minds

ENterprise House (N-House) is an entrepreneurial-themed residence managed by the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC), it aims to harness the creative energy and nurture an active community of student entrepreneurs who are alumni from the NOC Programme.

N-House brings together a group of liked-minded students, and through a stimulating and supportive environment, serves as potential test-bed for new ideas and initiatives!  Residents are able to:

  • Share and apply entrepreneurial skills continuously through structured and informal activities during the semester
  • Recognise opportunities, innovate and create new value in their day to day activities to benefit themselves, the N-House community as well as the university
  • Enlist potential collaborators and make use of shared resources to form effective work teams for developing their business enterprises
  • Build a robust and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem that will infuse the spirit of enterprise into the campus

We welcome all entrepreneurial-minded NOC students to apply to N-House. Rental for each room is SGD $121 per week (inclusive of GST) and all rooms are single-bedded, non-air conditioned and with non-attached bathroom. Compulsory meal plans SGD $462.24 (Breakfast & Dinner for 6 days per week) apply.

There are 2 application windows per year, typically before the start of the new semester, in March and October. The period of stay is for only 1 semester, an extension is subjected to NOC’s review and approval.

​Check out articles written by members of the N-House’s community. Drop us a note to apply or to find out more!