Summer Programme (9 – 22 July 2017)

Ever wondered how Singapore grew to be such a thriving economy and enterprising city? You’ll find all the answers at NUS Enterprise’s annual Summer Programme, which we have been successfully running for the past 11 years.

Conducted over two weeks, this residential programme offers a unique opportunity for local and foreign participants to learn about how one of the smaller nations in the world has progressed from a trading port to a destination for international commerce and investment. Besides being a dynamic and globally connected city-state, Singapore is also ranked as one of the most competitive economies globally.

​Through an enriching combination of lectures, conversations with start-ups, ideation and pitching sessions, as well as visits to business and government organisations, our Summer Programme aims to provide you with a comprehensive educational experience. You will also get to get to interact with local students in a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan environment, understand how public policies are formulated and gain insights on business practices and entrepreneurship development in Singapore.

Programme Details

The NUS Enterprise Summer Programme is targeted at undergraduate students currently enrolled in university, majoring in any discipline, with a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

​Our programme will broadly cover the following:

  • People, Politics and Culture of Singapore
  • From Third World to First: Economic Development of Singapore
  • Entrepreneurship Growth and Strategy in Singapore
  • New Venture Creation Process
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Idea Pitch
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Asia
  • Site visits to selected statutory boards, companies and start-ups in Singapore
  • In-conversation with business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Visits to cultural and heritage sites in Singapore

Lectures will be conducted in English by faculty members from NUS, as well as government officials, business leaders and professionals.

The programme fee is SGD$2,500 (inclusive of 7% GST) and includes accommodation at a student hostel in the NUS campus, as well as breakfast and lunch on programme days. The fee does not cover airfare and airport taxes, travel insurance, visas and personal expenses. Payment is via bank draft, and is to be made payable to "National University of Singapore"

How To Apply

We accept both online and hard copy submissions. (Online submissions are preferred.)

Please submit your application by 31 March 2017, 2359h SGT (GMT +0800).

Results will be released by 10 April 2017.

If you are accepted into the programme, please pay the full amount of SGD$2,500 by 24 April 2017 to confirm your place.

Online submission

You can apply online here.

Please email the following supporting documents here with the subject title “Summer Programme Supporting Documents” in a zipped file (your submission will only be considered complete upon submission of all documents listed below):

  • A recent passport-size photograph.
  • Letter from home university certifying that you are a current student registered with the university (in English).
  • Academic transcript/Consolidated Grade Record(s) issued by your home university (with English translation, if applicable). The transcript should be endorsed with the university's seal and official signatory.
  • Copy of passport (the page showing your nationality and personal details).

Documents which could not be uploaded during online submission can also be sent here with the subject "Summer Programme Application".

Hard Copy Submission 

​For hard copy submission, download the application form here.

Please note that the following supporting documents must be submitted together with your application form:

  • The completed application form with a recent passport-size photograph attached
  • Letter from home university certifying that you are a current student registered with the university (in English)
  • Academic transcript/Consolidated Grade Record(s) issued by your home university (with English translation, if applicable). The transcript should be endorsed with the university's seal and official signatory
  • Copy of passport (the page showing your nationality and personal details)

Completed application form and supporting documents must be submitted to:
NUS Enterprise

21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace

​Level 5, Singapore 119613

Attn: Ms Joanna Hioe

[Attention: Applicants from Pakistan] University students from Pakistan who are interested in the NUS Summer Programme do not need to go through through our online application, you can contact Habib University or Sajjad Foundation to apply directly.


We have compiled answers to Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

Please look through our answers below for more information on the application process, and programme details.

​If your question has not been answered in the FAQ, you may write in to us at ​

  1. I am a high school student / graduating senior / working adult. Am I eligible for the programme?

    The NUS Enterprise Summer Programme is designed for undergraduate students currently enrolled in a university (from any discipline).

    You may also apply if you are:
    - A high school graduate, starting your first year of university in July – August 2017
    - A final year student graduating in the year 2017
    - A graduate student enrolled in the university

    Please note that priority consideration is given to current undergraduates.

    Working professionals who are currently not enrolled in the university are unfortunately not eligible for this programme.
  2. Are scholarships available?

    Unfortunately, NUS Enterprise does not offer scholarships for participants of the NUS Enterprise Summer Programme.

    However, scholarships are available for students from Pakistan through local institutions. Please write to Habib University or the Sajjad Foundation for more information.
  3. What will I get out of the NUS Enterprise Summer Programme?

    A video can be found here for you to experience our activities virtually.

    Additionally, you may read a student testimonial from Habib University student, Aarti Lilaram, here.
  4. Can I receive credit for the NUS Enterprise Summer Programme?

    No, the NUS Enterprise Summer Programme is not a credit-bearing programme. However, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the two weeks.
  5. Could you send a programme overview?

    Please find a general programme outline here.
  6. Where will I stay?

    You will stay at a student hostel on campus.

    In previous years, students have stayed at Sheares Hall. Pictures of a student room at Sheares Hall and related facilities can be found here.
  7. How many students will be in the Summer Programme?

    In previous years, the NUS Enterprise Summer Programme has hosted 40 to 60 international students. These students come from a diverse range of nationalities and academic backgrounds.

What They Said

“From the busy offices of the enterprise start-ups to the bustling footpaths of Singapore, there is never a dull moment in the NUS Enterprise Summer Programme. Every lecture, every company visit and every night out is an opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial and cultural scenes of Singapore. The programme was not only a valuable educational experience, but it has also enabled me to develop soft skills, network with some of the most innovative people I have ever met, eat good food and make diverse friendships that I will treasure for a lifetime.”
Michael Trinh Tran, Australia

“I have been fascinated with Singapore’s fast development, growth and history, and was fortunate enough to find this ideal program that would teach me about entrepreneurship and Singapore. Coming from Columbia, a Latin-American emergent country, I find the idea of studying in Asia very exciting and at the same time intimidating. Looking back at those months, I cannot stop smiling while thinking of all the interesting classmates, professors and speakers whom I met from all around the world, as well as how much I learned overall.”
Hernando Rico, Columbia

"Returning home is not always exciting, especially when you leave behind a big family that not only accepts the differences of its members but also celebrates this diversity. So was the NUS Summer Programme which became a true epitome of VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM, a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the world is one family".

The Entrepreneurship Programme threw open the doors of my mind to vast expanse of creativity and innovation. It fostered in me the courage to place my dreams into action. I strongly believe these two weeks helped each one of us to grow individually as well as citizens of a global village.

The main takeaway for me from this country city of Singapore is to convert your permanent disadvantage into your continuous advantage."

Dhriti Garg, India

“It was such a great experience and I was completely overjoyed to the very core. NUS Summer Programme provided a lot of knowledge and it is so easy to digest, and even the lecturer or professor was so open-minded that it felt like there was no any generation gap when we had our discussion. This programme is a gathering of brilliant intellectual, where everyone from the whole world gathers around, brain-storming together and creates something that finally shakes the world. It's a really great programme and something that you guys can't miss.”
David Kurnia, Indonesia

“The excellence of the programme was in encapsulating the political, economic and entrepreneurial history and ecosystem of Singapore into a single package of 2 weeks. If participating in the programme, be ready to be impressed by Singapore's architectural acumen and your hosts' hospitality; the former making Singapore what it is today, and the later ensuring that you leave after two weeks with wet eyes and a heavy heart. And the desire to join the 'entrepreneur's club' at the end of the programme is a given.”
​Hamza Kamran, Pakistan

“The Summer Programme is an excellent opportunity to explore Asian culture and the business environment of Singapore through learning and networking. It has the most innovative learning procedure in the middle of summer- with fascinating lectures in the morning, very interesting company visits in the afternoon and fun outdoor activities in the evenings. A great combination of education, cultural interaction and entertainment in the Lion City!”
Dimitris Frossinis, United Kingdom

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