The Minimum Viable Product Studio

NUS is widely acknowledged as one of Asia’s top research institutions. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Studio by NUS Enterprise, the first of its kind in Singapore, continues this excellence through building sample product applications for potential collaborators.
Established in March 2015 at a bungalow off Prince George’s Park, the MVP Studio houses a team of supervised apprentices with varied skills, creativity and know-how to create commercial-centric prototypes of NUS technologies. Much thought is put into designing these prototypes and building them efficiently and at low cost, so that our researchers and start-ups can more effectively seek feedback from the market for applications of their products and inventions. The MVP saves precious resources that would otherwise be required in the manufacturing of the products.
The MVP Studio is also where start-ups, small, medium and large local enterprises, as well as multinational corporations converge to find out more about how their businesses can benefit from NUS technologies. Coupled with NUS Enterprise’s diverse reach in the entrepreneurial community, we are able to connect researchers to industry partners while helping to refine business ideas and providing valuable insights to markets.  
With 9 prototypes built in just under its first year of operations, the MVP Studio by NUS Enterprise is all set to bring the university’s research to market better, faster and in the most efficient and effective way possible.