Wireless Healthcare Monitoring System: Monitoring Patients’ Health Around The Clock

Market Opportunity

Keeping an eye on a patient’s vital signs – whether in a home or hospital setting, leads to better quality healthcare for the patient. A team from NUS Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering has developed an integrated, wireless, medical-grade health monitoring system. This is able to continuously monitor four vital signs simultaneously – the patient’s ECG (heart activity), peripheral oxygen saturation level (estimates amount of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood), respiratory rate, and body temperature.  The information is monitored and seamlessly sent to a cloud platform, so that healthcare professionals can access it anytime, anywhere. 


The Technology

This patient monitoring system is small and light-weight, making it easily wearable. Within this device, the sensor integrated circuit for both the 3-lead ECG monitor and respiration monitor are combined, which allows the device to remain small. The NUS team has conducted pre-clinical trials on healthy subjects, successfully proving that the system is able to continuously monitor and stream data to and from the cloud platform. They plan to commence clinical trials in a hospital setting by mid-2017. 

Moving forward, the NUS team aims to incorporate blood pressure monitoring into the system. They are also working on making the system self-powering, as well as building in an interface to allow the patient to read and understand relevant medical data.  


Applications and Advantages

With the globally ageing population, the demand for monitoring important vital signs will increase. Such a system has applications in hospital care, home-care or long-term care, such as nursing homes. It can be used to monitor patients continuously for 12-24 hour periods. 

NUS is looking for commercial or research partners to develop this technology further and bring it to market.


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