STEVE Tool: Keeping It Cool

Market Opportunity

It is a well accepted fact that urbanisation has an immediate effect on the local climate within cities.  urban heat islands are being created within our modern cities as a direct result of increasing temperatures. Factors that contribute to urban heat islands include the thermal properties, height and spacing of buildings, air pollution, production of waste heat and the presence(or absence) of vegetation. Good urban planning can help to cool the air within a city by between 2°C to 8°C but more solutions are required to help city planners design the urban environment in a way that reduces heat. Meet STEVE (Screening Tool for Estate Environment Evaluation) the brainchild of the NUS Department of Building. 


The Technology 

STEVE, a plugin for SketchUp, is an analytical tool that generates temperature maps and profiles that help predict air temperature within urban areas. Because STEVE was specifically developed to work with the 3-D modelling software commonly used by architects and urban planners its easy and powerful to deploy.  STEVE comes pre-loaded with volumes of critical information on different species of plants and their associated carbon storage and sequestration abilities to provide urban planners with immediate access to information on carbon sequestratration in the estate.  STEVE can also take into account differing wind speeds to give more accurate temperature predictions. 

STEVE is the virtual environmental assistant that helps urban planners in their design process. 


Applications and Advantages

STEVE will help architects and urban planners to reduce the effect of the urban heat island, when planning an estate/town/ city. 


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