Spectroscopic Measurement System: Unlocking The Potential Of Spectroscopic Techniques

Market Opportunity

Many industrial processes - from pharmaceutical manufacturing to wastewater processing - involve the frequent and regular monitoring of chemical compound concentrations.  The use of highly accurate spectroscopic techniques to monitor these concentrations is uncommon, mainly because existing spectroscopic measurement systems have fixed optical path lengths.  This limitation greatly narrows the range of measurements that such systems can perform, and ultimately, their usefulness.  A solution to overcome this limitation will unlock the full potential of spectroscopic techniques, allowing them to be used in industrial process monitoring. 

The Technology

A team from the NUS Department of Chemistry has developed a spectroscopic measurement system that provides a variable optical path length, and specially tailored for industrial process monitoring.  The system is able to adjust the optical path length automatically and can also take sample measurements continuously.  Furthermore, it can operate in a variety of measurement modes i.e. absorbance, fluorescence and scattering. 

Applications and Advantages

The new system is highly compact, and is simple to install and maintain.  It can be easily incorporated into existing optical systems, to provide continuous and simultaneous on-line measurement of a variety of quality parameters. This will gives users more comprehensive information about the sample being measured.  The new system can be applied to a broad range of settings including wastewater processing as well as production of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, diary and pharmaceuticals.

NUS is seeking partners to further develop this technology.  

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