Portable Milk Fat Analyser: Instant and Quantitative Milk Fat Determination

Market Opportunity

In developing countries, the quality of the milk and specifically the fat content is a key factor determining pricing for a dairy farmer as well as the buyer/ milk cooperative. Current methods of measuring milk fat content accurately require large, expensive spectroscopic equipment and thus semi-quantitative methods are still used in rural areas, which often work to the detriment of both the seller and buyer. To serve this unmet need, NUS has developed a portable, cost-effective device which aims to analyse milk fat content accurately and instantaneously. This is based on a fluorescent sensor that can quantify the amount of fat in milk accurately and instantly (“Milk Yellow”).


When illuminated by UV light, Milk Yellow emits fluorescence proportional to the milk fat content and the fluorescence change can even be detected by the naked eye. 

Stage of Development

TRL 3.


NUS is currently developing a portable Milk Fat Analyser for end users which quantifies fat content using the Milk Yellow sensor. This device would revolutionise the milk fat detection industry. The end-point consumer-friendly product for milk testing is expected to be readily adopted in developing markets like India. India is the largest milk producing nation of the world. The total size of the Indian market is $6 billion annually (organized sector), the unorganised sector being much larger.


Available for licensing. Patent pending.

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