Using Augmented Reality As A Teaching Tool For Primary School Students 

Market Opportunity

Primary school students often face problems trying to understand new concepts that are abstract and difficult to visualize. Providing contextualised visualization of new concepts in an interactive manner helps them understand the concepts better as well as retain the knowledge for easy retrieval during examinations. An interactive method of teaching that involves active participation by the students enhances the learning experience and makes the lesson more interesting and engaging for the student. 



Magic Lens is an augmented reality system that comprises of a phone, projector and a “magic lens” which serves as the marker that allows the AR engine to select the content based on the marker and project it on a student’s T-shirt or a mannequin to help visualize the concepts being taught.



Stage of Development

TRL 4 . Basic subsystem built and tested in laboratory environment.


Education and training.


1. Magic Lens provides a fun and interactive way of teaching students through visualization.
2. Requires a smartphone and projector which are easily available in modern day classrooms
3. Helps students remember and recollect the concepts easily


Basic prototype with sample content available for demonstration. Licensing and collaboration interests for content creation are welcome.


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Principal Investigator:
Prof Yen Ching-Chiuan

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