Anaesthesia Simulation Model For Dental Students 

Market Opportunity

The injection of anaesthesia on Inferior Alveolar Nerve is a blind procedure. The landmarks of the nerve are covered by the gum and muscles. To compensate for the lack of visual cues, dental students feel the bone under the gum with their hands, visualise the needle path and need a lot of practice.



DentistARy combines the 3D printing technology, silicone casting and Augmented reality (AR) to make the simulation model close to the real experience. The jaw is modelled from patient’s MRI data scan and printed with 3D printing technology. The silicone has various density and layers casted on the 3D model to simulate the gum and muscle. The AR technology tracks the movement of the syringe and provides real-time feedback on students’ performance. With the AR visual, they know where and how far away the syringe is, in relation to the nerve.



Stage of Development

TRL 4 – Basic subsystem validated in laboratory environment.


Training dentistry students to inject anaesthesia on the inferior alveolar nerve.


1. Provides tactile feedback and spatial relationship of the syringe and the nerve
2. The tactile feedback is designed to resemble the real procedure
3. AR component provides visual guidance for students on how to position the needle 


Basic subsystem with associated AR software available for further development and licensing.


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Principal Investigator:
Prof Yen Ching-Chiuan

Mandi Lee, Chuah Teong Leong