Market Opportunity

Preclinical development of dermal/mucosal wound healing drugs or assessment of transdermal/transmucosal drug delivery is currently  limited to monolayer and non-human animal models. Applications include  a novel platform for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for screening novel formulations, drugs, dermal ointments, oral/dental products.


Animal testing for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry are not only unpopular but also expensive and capable of variations in results. Using artificial skin as a substitute is now common practice but suffers from limitations such as shrinkage and the lack of blood vessels found in native human skin and mucosa. VascSkin represents the next generation in artificial skin models with its fibrin-based scaffold to create a vascularized skin equivalent that overcomes the limitations of its competitors while at the same tie the culture and differentiation of VascSkin cells are performed under feeder-free and serum-free conditions 


Stage of Development

TRL 3. 


  • A cost-effective human platform to screen drugs and cosmetic products.
  • A pre-clinical platform to screen pro and anti-angiogenic drugs.
  • A pre-clinical model for transdermal/ transmucosal delivery of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • A potential platform for development of more complex tissues/ organs. 




Available for licensing. Patent protected.


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