Online Software Licenses

A Penn Discourse Treebank (PDTB)-Styled End-to-End Discourse Parser

A full discourse parser in the Penn Discourse Treebank (PDTB) style. The trained parser first identifies all discourse and non-discourse relations, locates and labels their arguments, and then classifies their relation types. Inventor: Lin Zi Heng, A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Prof Hwee Tou N

Centroidal Voronoid diagram (CVD) software

CVD is a C Library that utilizes graphics hardware to compute the weighted centroidal Voronoid diagram of a set of 2D point. One of the application of the Euclidean Distance Transform (EDT) is in computing the weighted Centroidal Voronoi Diagram (CVD), a special Voronoi diagram where each site lies exactly at the centroid of its Voronoi region. Inventor: A/Prof Tan Tiow Seng

Daemonized Collins parser

Got more than a few sentences to parse? The Collins head driven parser is still considered one of the best open-source English language parser. Michael’s source code was taken and wrapped it into a daemonized version that you can send sentences to through a socket service, avoiding the long initialization needed by the parser. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen

Dictionary in Chinese/English (DICE) Tooltip Translator

Dictionary in Chinese/English Translate back and forth between English/Chinese with minimal effort. Automatically guesses the most appropriate meaning within context. Automatically separates block of Chinese text into meaningful phrases. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Heng Low Wee, Tamisa Huangwongsri, Aobo Wang, Zhao Zhenwei, Low Wai Hong, Huang Shihong

GPU-DT: A 2D Delaunay Triangulator using Graphics Hardware

GPUDT is a C Library that utilizes graphics hardware to compute exact Delaunay triangulation. The result is a triangle mesh, each contain the index of its 3 vertices and the three neighbor triangles. Inventor: A/Prof Tan Tiow Seng

Java RAP (Resolution of Anaphora Program)

A Java open-source reimplementation of the famed RAP (Resolution of Anaphora Program) by Boguraev and Kennedy. Note: this program is not considered competitive for anaphora resolution by today’s standards but we have implemented it for benchmarking purposes. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Dr Long Qiu, Prof Chua Tat Seng

Kairos – A scholarly paper crawling engine

Kairos uses Lucene as a base and two CRF-based information extraction engines to run the process of gathering scholarly paper metadata. This focused crawler crawls likely conference and workshop web sites in a proactive manner, visiting the sites around the event dates, so as to acquire the metadata and links to any open-access scholarly documents in a timely manner. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Markus Hänse

NUS Corpus of Learner English (NUCLE)

The NUS Corpus of Learner English (NUCLE) was collected in a collaboration project between the National University of Singapore (NUS) Natural Language Processing (NLP) Group led by Prof. Hwee Tou Ng and the NUS Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) led by Prof. Siew Mei Wu Inventor: Prof Hwee Tou Ng, Prof Siew Mei Wu, Daniel Dahlmeier

ParsCit: An open-source CRF Reference String and Logical Document Structure Parsing Package

ParsCit project performs two tasks: 1) reference string parsing, sometimes also called citation parsing or citation extraction, and 2) logical structure parsing of scienfific documents. It is architected as a supervised machine learning procedure that uses Conditional Random Fields as its learning mechanism. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Isaac Councill, C Lee Giles, Luong Minh-Thang, Huy Hoang Nhat Do

PBA Software

PBA is a C Library that utilizes graphics hardware to compute exact distance transform or digital Voronoi diagram. The Euclidean Distance Transform (EDT), is a derived representation of a digital image, and forms the basis of many applications in computer vision, image processing and computational geometry. Inventor: A/Prof Tan Tiow Seng

Prastava – An open source, ruby based recommendation system

Prastava project is a generic, ruby-based open source recommendation system. This project can be used to generate recommendations for any item user database. You can generate recommendation based on three Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Tarun Kumar, Himanshu Gahlot

QANUS: question-answering (QA) system

QANUS is an abbreviation for Question-Answering by NUS, NUS being the abbreviation of the National University of Singapore. QANUS is an open-sourced, information-retrieval (IR) based question-answering (QA) system. Inventor: Ng Jun Ping, A/Prof Kan Min Yen

QRAFT – Quantitative Risk Assessment for Road Tunnels

RAFT is a quantitative risk assessment software for road tunnels. The safe operation of these road tunnels are of utmost importance in land-scarce Singapore because of the relatively heavy traffic volume it carries and in the event of any accident or emergency, it will potentially lead to serious consequences. Inventor: Meng Qiang, Fang Tien Fwa, Kum Thong Yong, Lee Shang Pang, Yuanita Vivi, Wong Siew Chee, Wong Yoke Heng

Record Matching Package

This record matching package is written as an extensible framework in Java, with the goal of making the writing of programs that perform record matching tasks easier. The focus here is on pairwise comparison of records, and this package includes building blocks for similarity or distance metrics, blocking algorithms, and clustering algorithms. Inventor: Tan Yee Fan, A/Prof Kan Min Yen

Search Engine Wrapper

Search Engine Wrapper package provides a Java wrapper framework for unifying programmatic access to search engines. A convenience class is also included for downloading the files at the URLs in the search engine results. Inventor: Tan Yee Fan, A/Prof Kan Min Yen

SMS Corpus project

Short Message Service (SMS) messages are now a ubiquitous form of communication, connecting friends, families and colleagues globally. However, there is precious little corpora with which researchers can study to understand this phenomenon that is in the public domain. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Tao Chen

Win AR

WinAR is a Windows-based development platform (MFC) for Augmented Reality (AR) applications. It provides camera image streaming, image processing, tracking algorithms, registration algorithms, and user interaction panels to developers in order for them to concentrate on application-oriented programming. Inventor: A/Prof Ong Soh Khim, Prof Andrew Nee, Dr Yuan Mialong, Dr Shen Yan, Zhang Jie

WINGNUS: Keyphrase Extraction Utilizing Document Logical Structure

WINGNUS Keyphrase is an extraction system which automatically extracts key-phrases from scientific articles . You can download the code below, extract key-phrases online, or send batch jobs to our web service. Inventor: A/Prof Kan Min Yen, Luong Minh-Thang, Emma Nguyen