Spun off from NUS in 2012, Subnero is focused on offering high- performance underwater communications, navigation, monitoring and sensing solutions. As Subnero co-founder Prof Mandar Chitre, Faculty of Engineering (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering) explains, “While mankind has made progress in communicating effectively on land and air using technology based on radio waves…our ability to communicate reliably in water is still extremely limited. Subnero believes that this is ripe for change.”

With 70% of the earth’s surface covered by water, Subnero has been building underwater wireless communication systems for use by AUVs, underwater sensors, sub-sea engineering installations and divers. Such a move has obvious military and commercial benefits, but may also make underwater internet a real possibility in future. In addition, Subnero develops autonomous robotic platforms for the monitoring and sensing of large bodies of water. These platforms, including SWAN (Subnero’s Water Assessment Network), have helped officials monitor the water quality of Singapore’s reservoirs.

Subnero has secured clients in the environmental, defence, and oil and gas industries, and in 2014, closed its Series A investment round. The company is now utilizing the funding to commercialise its solutions.

​Having licensed technology that was developed by the Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL) of the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), the spin- off shares a strong NUS connection. Many of the employees of Subnero have either been students or staff at NUS, including Manu Ignatius, Chinmay Pendharkar, and Dr. Shiraz Shahabudeen. NUS Enterprise has supported the company through technology licensing, space at The Hangar, and numerous networking opportunities.


Technology Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship Support


Licenses technology and spins-off from NUS


Awarded “Most Disruptive Technology” award during HydroPitch Day at Singapore International Water Week (SIWW)

Sole finalist from Asia at the Cisco IoT challenge Closed Series A funding


First local commercial sales of Subnero aRecorder



Won Spring CDG grant

Won DIRP grant from MINDEF


First international commercial sales of Subnero Underwater Modem