Haulio has developed an online platform to improve the container haulage process, which is the movement of containers inland from the port. With a tagline “Together we cargo faster”, Haulio has set up a community portal, to optimise resources within the haulage sector through industry-wide collaboration.

Haulio’s platform works by intelligently matching customers’ hauling requirements with resources available from haulage companies (“hauliers”) and their prime movers. By using advanced algorithms and IoT technology, Haulio coordinates job specifications based on location, prime movers’ capacity and availability. Hauliers can leverage this technology to share workload and resources, as well as gain access to jobs previously unavailable to them. Haulio works closely with PSA, to ensure containers move through the port faster and smoother. Through its platform, Haulio aims to increase efficiency, productivity and cost savings. This result in benefits for all stakeholders, including hauliers, drivers, forwarders, cargo owners and port operators.

​Haulio was founded by NUS alumni Sebastian Shen (School of Design & Environment 2014, NOC iLEAD 2011) and Alvin Ea in 2017. The company received SPRING Singapore’s ACE grant and a pre-seed investment from Quest Ventures. Haulio was also part of an incubation programme by PSA unboXed. NUS Enterprise has provided Haulio with advisory support on legal and corporate matters. They have also benefited from the start-up ecosystem at BLOCK71 and The Hangar, by tapping upon networks and community events.


NUS Overseas Colleges, Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurship Support


Co-founded in March 2017 by Alvin Ea and Sebastian Shen

Haulio launched online community portal

Has 150 companies registered on the platform, and has already moved 35,000 TEU of cargo


Secured SGD1M in seed funding from PSA unboxed, 500 startups and others