"Our time here has been amazing so far! The very fact that we are in the midst of other companies working hard on their start-ups has inspired us to push even further to achieve our vision."

- lnian Parameshwaran, Co-founder of Dexecure

In an age of a multitude of devices and web technologies, lnian Parameshwaran realised that many web developers face a few common problems. Websites are loading and functioning slower, and businesses lose money every time this occurs. An NUS School of Computing alumnus, lnian grew interested in starting his company after completing the NOC iLEAD programme (now known as NOC Singapore). Coupled with his passion for the web, lnian came up with an unprecedented solution of optimising websites for fast and reliable loading on different mobile devices and networking conditions. 

The home-grown brainchild of lnian and his fellow NUS alumnus Murali Ramanujam, Dexecure evolved from the former's final year project at the Systems Security lab. Tapping on initiatives provided by NUS Enterprise such as the Lean LaunchPad Singapore Programme and the Vasco Grant, the duo were able to prototype and receive feedback extremely early during this phase. 

Through the development of robust re-writing of JavaScript and HTML, Dexecure changes website codes and automatically figures out a way to load JavaScript without blocking the rendering of page; leading to a drastic improvement in time taken for content to display on the screen. With a growing mobile audience, having a strong mobile presence is crucial for any business. Dexecure uses cutting-edge browser features to help businesses develop incredibly fast websites and is continuously evolving its algorithms to close the gap between the mobile web and native mobile applications. 


NUS Overseas Colleges, Entrepreneurial Education


Inian attended NOC (iLead programme) Inian's final year project (FYP) won FYP Innovation award Awarded

VasCo grant by School of Computing.


Dexecure officially co-founded by Inian Parameshwaran and Murali Ramanujam