Less than six years since its launch, KooBits has established itself as a regional leader in digital software and educational products for children. Founded in 2007, KooBits develops tools and platforms to help children learn better.
KooBits was formed and incubated at the National University of Singapore, where CEO Stanley Han had been a student at the School of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering. While within the NUS Enterprise incubator, KooBits developed and patented technology that allows anyone to customize, create and display their own digital media content. With connections made by the NUS Enterprise network, KooBits was able to raise $4M in its first round of financing from VCs and government grants. 
Today, KooBits offers a wide range of educational tools. These include KooBits EDU, an online learning portal with interactive games; KooBits Learning Apps for general practice and niche learning subjects; as well as the KooBits Ebooks portal, a free reading resource for primary school children. 

KooBits products are developed with input from leading MOE instructors, university professors, and child development specialists. Focusing on positive reinforcement and motivation, KooBits facilitates interactive, effective and fun learning through collaboration, competitive games and rewards such as badges and virtual credits. Parents and teachers are also invited to utilize the platform, receiving analytical reports and updates on a child’s performance.

The reaction has been impressive. 
“KooBits tackled the most difficult part of a child's learning journey - motivation. By letting a child to compete for top honour, my daughter is very motivated to become the highest scorer and actually was learning along the way without knowing that she was actually learning. She plays and learns. It is great!” states Anchor Green Primary School parent Mr. Koh Shoon Kuan.

Over 100 schools in Singapore have used KooBits and over 10,000 individual parents have subscribed to its Maths & Science e-learning platform in the past 12 months. There are an additional 250 KooBits customer schools in Turkey & Australia. With numerous industry accolades, including the 2012 Sprit of Enterprise Award and the 2008 Asia Pacific ICT Award (E-Learning Category), KooBits shows no signs of slowing down.
“We want to revolutionize education not just in Singapore but around the world. KooBits has been very successful in marrying modern innovation and educational research,” states Mr. Han. “By exposing children to technology early, and in a way that stimulates their interest in and affinity for the educational experience, we are helping to prepare students with the necessary skills and processes to thrive.” 
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Entrepreneurship Support


Founding of KooBits


Education Category Winner at APICTA’s Asia Pacific ICT Awards


Raised $4M in financing from VC funds and government grants

2007 to 2010

Received a 5-stra review from CNET’s global technology review site


Sprit of Enterprise Award