Changing course to meet new demands
Rex Huang was so passionate about being an entrepreneur that he set up Techsailor, a website development company during his second year at NUS Faculty of Engineering in 2005. Soon after, during a year-long overseas entrepreneurial internship programme with NUS Overseas Colleges in the US, he got together with two like-minded friends, Wayne Chia from NUS Faculty of Science and Leon Leong from NUS School of Computing.

Upon graduation and with more time for their business, they re-positioned Techsailor into a profitable company building online communities. When the social media revolution took off, they once again steered the company towards this new direction of social media marketing, location-based and mobile solutions, eventually evolving it into a digital marketing specialist.
From start-up to SME
In 2007, the three man team worked in a 90sqft space at the NUS Enterprise incubators, where they had the benefit of mentorship guidance, access to networks and infrastructure resources. This support fuelled its rapid growth and within two years, they had need for their own office space. The company soon set up operations in China and Malaysia, securing major clients such as NTUC, LG Electronics and Singapore Airlines. In 2013, Techsailor was acquired by TO THE NEW, a leading digital services company in India. Techsailor’s staff, together with its three co-founders, remain with TO THE NEW, committed to steering it to greater success in the global digital marketing industry.


NUS Overseas Colleges, Entrepreneurship Support


Entrepreneurial internship programme in Silicon Valley and Philadelphia


Co-founders graduated and set up Techsailor in the NUS Enterprise Incubator


Expanded to China, with an office in Guangzhou


Established presence in Malaysia


Techsailor grew to a team of 40


Acquired by TO THE NEW, cementing the company’s regional presence