Take your social venture further

Jointly organised by NUS Enterprise and the DBS Foundation, the Asia-wide DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia identifies and supports social ventures with the potential to generate positive, scalable, and sustainable social impact.

The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia aims to build a robust community of social entrepreneurs and capacity builders across Asia. It provides multi-dimensional support to equip budding social entrepreneurs, and builds capacity through public education in social entrepreneurship. 

Through insightful workshops held across Asia, participants have the opportunity to be supported and mentored by seasoned practitioners in this field. Top teams receive funding and support from both NUS Enterprise and DBS Foundation, and are enabled to grow their business by tapping onto the larger Challenge network.
With a dedicated learning platform and meaningful networks as well as increased awareness and support for budding social entrepreneurs, The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia will accelerate the impact of winning entries to solve today’s most pressing social problems.

You can learn more about the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia at socialventurechallenge.asia

Reaching Out to the NUS Community

At NUS Enterprise, we’re always looking to inspire, engage and connect with our student community, tapping onto their potential to build the world they want to live in. The Social Venture Lab@NUS also fosters collaboration across student innovation groups with a vested interest in creating social change to stimulate entrepreneurial journeys with social impact. 

If you share a similar passion, you’d be pleased to learn more about past events and programmes we have organised for this purpose: 

Small Change

The Small Change initiative was organised to raise awareness of Singapore’s prevalent social issues, inspired innovative solutions that addressed society’s needs, and bring young social entrepreneur role-models closer to the campus. 
Past events include the Small Change Festival in October 2015, which broached the topics of social inclusion, urban poverty, the elderly, and the migrant worker community to great turnouts. Invited panel speakers shared their personal anecdotes during each session, with members of the audience pitching in with their own views and stories. 

In 2016, we held 'Small Change Conversations: Change at Work' in February, a panel discussion on different vocational paths to make social change; and 'Small Change Gets Real' in October, an interactive session for students to step into the shoes of young social changemakers and learn from their expertise.

Catch up on the insights gleaned from these events at our Medium page.

Some of our past outreach initiatives can be found here.