Recapping Our Efforts For Social Good

Here are some of the milestone programmes and initiatives organised by NUS Enterprise to promote social entrepreneurship:

Social Venture Week

A week-long celebration of social entrepreneurship, Social Venture Week offered a plethora of diverse activities for one to immerse in. These included  public forums, workshops, documentary screenings, career fairs and so much more.

It was also during Social Venture Week 2013 that saw the inaugural launch of the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia, which has since become one of the region’s key initiatives to fuel the growth of social entrepreneurship.



TEDxKRP featured four inspiring hours of short talks by speakers from all over the world, with the aim of advocating social change through local innovation and global entrepreneurship. The event proved to be a hit with the entrepreneurial community that consisted of innovators, investors, academic and public decision makers.

Sponsored by NUS Enterprise, TEDxKRP was curated by Carlos Miranda Levy, Robin Low and the team from the NUS Entrepreneurship Centre, with the support from a great team of volunteers.



InnoAge sought to bring together creative and innovative minds of our university and polytechnic communities. It served as a forum to share and exchange ideas on how institutes of higher learning in Singapore can help accelerate the commercialisation of innovation and creation of high tech spin-offs for the silver market in Singapore and globally.

Through this informal forum, the hope was to create a more inclusive network of people and organisations who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship for the silver market. At the same time, the InnoAge team worked synergistically with government agencies such as MCYS, C3A, EDB and SPRING Singapore, as well as key silver industry players and private sector entrepreneurs to create a bright and exciting future for Silver Agers.