NUS Innovation Access Programme (IAP)

The NUS Innovation Access Programme (IAP) is a bespoke and structured innovation gateway designed to enhance corporate innovation. We accelerate and augment your innovation journey by co-creating solutions. The programme delivers value by tapping into a deep pool of talent, technologies and start-ups at the National University of Singapore.

We host regular talks and workshops covering topics of interest to corporate innovators. These include key areas of focus:

Future Health

Latest market trends, technologies and regulatory requirements in personalized and precision medicine, medical devices, 3D printing, nutrition and diagnostics.

Environmental Solutions

Advanced new materials, novel sustainable urban technologies, state of the art environmental solution that form the basis of new applications.  

Connected Devices

All key facets of the connected enterprise including hardware, connectivity, middleware, services and applications.

​Be part of the community and join our Industry Roundtable Series covering these topics of interest to corporate innovators. For a discussion on how the IAP can accelerate your organisation’s innovation journey, email us: