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Why join the NUS Start-Up Runway?

  • Most comprehensive university-based incubation/accelerator programme in Singapore
  • High rate of success in bringing ideas to fruition as seen from a strong alumni of successful entrepreneurs
  • Access to NUS technologies by our researchers, engineers and scientists and more
  • Exposure to NUS Enterprise’s wide network of venture capitalists, investors, industry partners, corporate companies and mentors.

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Whether you are a young start-up checking out business ideas, or a mature one with global growth plans, the NUS Start-Up Runway provides a full spectrum of resources and capabilities to support your journey.



Pre-incubation is an essential phase for any start-up that wants to succeed. Entrepreneurs who are in the exploration stage of their business ideas, or even entrepreneurs with ready products but have yet to validate their ideas will benefit from going through pre-incubation.

Should your start-up be in pre-incubation? We'd say yes if:

  • You have not spoken to your customers/users to validate your idea
  • You have yet to obtain a good understanding of your target market
  • You have not assessed if there is a market for your business idea
  • You are unsure about how to go about validating your market, problems and solutions
  • You need a workstation to brainstorm and discuss with your team
  • You wish to interact with more start-ups and immerse yourself into NUS Enterprise's supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem

What we offer:


Development & Growth

When your business idea is validated, you are ready to move on to the next phase of growing your start-up and that’s the incubation phase. Start-ups incubating with NUS Enterprise will be offered dedicated and wide range of support services such as office rooms, mentorship and talent recruitment. This will provide you with basic operational support to reduce your administrative load, so that you can better focus on building your business.

More importantly, we also offer resources to help your start-up grow and constantly review your progress to assess how we can better support your business. What’s more, you’ll be part of a thriving entrepreneurial community that is constantly collaborating and leveraging each other’s expertise to achieve success.

Being in incubation is definitely the right step for your start-up if:

  • You have validated your idea with your users/customers
  • You have assessed that there is a market for your business idea
  • You are looking to develop your solution that solves a proven market problem
  • You need an office space to house your team
  • You need more dedicated support to help grow your business
  • You have gotten money from grants/friends/ family to help sustain your business

Funding Support

Seed money can go a long way in helping start-ups realise their potential and achieve success. One source of securing funding would be from venture capitalists or angel investors, who are interested in what your start-up has to offer. Another source would be in the form of grants from the relevant statutory boards in Singapore that encourage entrepreneurship.

When you incubate your business with NUS Enterprise, you can apply for and make full use of these grants. What’s more, validating your business idea and having it endorsed by NUS Enterprise facilitates the application process, providing all requisite criteria are met.

So if you are anxious to get your start-up off the ground and running, you can begin by checking out the list of grants that we can assist you with, and understand the various application criteria.

Grants which we help administer:

  • NUS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practicum Grant (for current NUS students)
  • NUS Alumni Start-Up Catalyst (for NUS alumni)
  • SPRING Startup SG Founder Grant (for NUS affiliated start-ups)
  • Start-Ups Go Global (for start-ups in the NUS Enterprise ecosystem)
  • SPRING Startup SG Tech Grant [POC and POV Grant] (get advice from our mentors)
  • Lotus-NUS Fund (for social impact start-ups)
  • VentureForGood Youth (for budding social entrepreneurs)
  • Philip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme (for individuals who want to Make A Difference)

Get more information our grants here.