Good ideas don’t automatically translate into good start-ups. The process of ideation and validation is critical for would-be entrepreneurs looking to develop ideas that truly work.

NUS Enterprise’s start-up validation programme was developed to provide assistance to early stage start-ups by guiding them through their intitial thought processes. Through this programme, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their ideas. Teams will get to put their ideas and assumptions to the test, and modify them along the way through the feedback they garner. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to learn how to assess if their ideas are worth pursuing.

This programme is a two-day workshop where you will work closely with industry experts, receive personalised feedback from them, and learn several useful tools for developing your project. Participants are also given the privilege to work from The HANGAR, a co-working space that enables interaction and cross pollination of ideas.


Here are some questions we hope to help you answer through our Start-up Validation Programme:

Problem Validation workshop:

  • What is the real problem that I am trying to solve?
  • How painful is this problem?
  • Do I understand the various components necessary to make this into a real business?
  • What are the various assumptions I am making?
  • What are the risk levels of these assumptions?
  • How can I turn these assumptions into facts?

Market Validation workshop:

  • Who are my target customers?
  • How big are these markets?
  • Where do my target customers normally gather?
  • What will be good channels to reach them?
  • How should I validate my assumptions with them?

Product/Solution Validation workshop:

  • Do I understand my target customers enough to come up with potential solutions to solve their problems?
  • What are some of the potential solutions that might be able to solve their problems?
  • What will be the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for my potential solutions?
  • Which is the best solution to solve this pain/problem?
  • How to build Minimum Viable Products?

Am I Eligible?

All are welcome to apply, but you do have to go through a selection process.

To be enrolled, commitment is a key criterion. Participants are also expected to give their full dedication to this programme.

You will also need a good idea to start off in this programme.

Application is open all year round. Indicate your interest by applying here and we will contact you when the session opens.