Growing a company involves more than just business development and revenue generation. There are matters at the backend that require you and your team’s attention as well.

As part of the dedicated support that we provide our incubatees with, NUS Enterprise engages professionals to provide a year of complimentary service in the areas of Corporate Secretarial matter and Basic Accounting/Tax-related matters. In addition, we can aid your start-up in marketing communication efforts.


Accounting and Book-keeping

NUS Enterprise provides complimentary accounting and book-keeping services for incubatee companies in their first financial year through our appointed financial services consultant. Thereafter, incubatee companies can enjoy subsidised rates for such services.

Under the complimentary services, incubatee companies can look forward to the scope of works listed below for their first financial year:

  1. Advice on financial accounting – includes general account filing, preparation and process control, etc.
  2. Setting up of proper accounting system – chart of accounts, petty cash, etc.
  3. Provide and implement accounting software system meeting needs of start-up companies
  4. Prepare half-yearly/quarterly financial statements (depends on volume) - Trial balance, P&L account and Balance Sheet, General ledger listings, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation statements, Trade receivables and payable aging lists, etc.
  5. Prepare unaudited annual financial reports (one financial year) for presenting to AGM as required by Companies Act for ACRA filing, and tax filing to IRAS
  6. Prepare tax computation and tax schedules for ECI to IRAS and Form C submission
  7. Book-keeping and accounting services (with less than 45 transactions per month or 540 transactions in current financial year) to prepare & provide current financial year statements and annual filings

Legal and Corporate Secretarial

NUS Enterprise provides complimentary legal and corporate secretarial services for incubatee companies in their first year of incubation through its specially appointed legal counsel. Thereafter, incubatee companies can enjoy subsidised rates.
Marketing communications

NUS Enterprise provides public relations and marketing support to our hotdeskers and incubatee companies to help them establish their positioning in the market or to make announcements on their products and services.

Support to hotdeskers are offered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type and nature of announcements. As for incubatee companies, we do our best in helping them leap forward with different types of support such as:

  • Recommendations for PR approach relevant to the needs of the company
  • Drafting and disseminating press releases (up to 3 a year)  
  • Pitching company related stories to media as appropriate
  • Crisis communications, if necessary
  • Increasing publicity and awareness in the community such as through profiling your company in posters to be displayed around NUS, photo-shoot on company founders and/or products, articles on company’s achievements in NUS Enterprise newsletters, website and other relevant channels