NUS Enterprise provides a range of services and support to lend a hand to incubatee companies in their entrepreneurial journey:


We understand the challenge that entrepreneurs and start-ups face in recruiting good talent. NUS Enterprise manages a variety of channels to assist start-ups in building their teams.

Validation Programme

Good ideas don’t automatically translate into good start-ups. NUS Enterprise’s start-up validation programme was developed to provide assistance to NUS early stage start-ups by guiding them through their intitial thought processes.

Mentor Consultation

Start-ups fresh in the entrepreneurial scene can benefit greatly from our NUS Enterprise mentors, who help them progress in the right direction.Our mentors offer general business advice, Go-To-Market strategies, business growth strategies, industry knowledge and more.

Professional Services

Growing a company involves more than just business development and revenue generation. There are matters at the backend that require you and your team’s attention as well.As part of the dedicated support that we provide our incubatees with, NUS Enterprise engages professionals to provide services such as accounting and book keeping, legal and corporate secretarial, as well as public relations.


Establishing a good business network is an important aspect of growing your company. As an incubatee with NUS Enterprise, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so through our many networking-centric activities and events. Industry experts, angel investors, venture capitalists and mentors often drop in during these occasions, presenting you with a golden opportunity to open doors and take your start-up to the next level.

Expanding Overseas

As a start-up, venturing overseas and setting up shop in a vast market may seem like a tall order. But with the right partner to help you along the way, the experience will be less daunting. We’ll help you gain valuable insights and benefit from the entire experience of establishing your business.