Overseas expansion can be a challenge for start-up companies in Singapore, especially when they are looking at the vast market potential of China. To help companies expand into China, NUS Enterprise has partnered with the National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI) to establish a Centre for Commercialisation and Enterprise.


What NUSRI can do for your business

The Centre for Commercialisation and Enterprise serves two core functions – that of a business incubator and technology commercialisation. If you’re looking for high value-added services like funding and business strategising, as well as networking and linkage to government funding agencies, then our business incubator can be a great platform for your company to tap into China.

Our technology commercialisation function will also help tech start-ups to look into the various possibilities of effectively adapting their technology for the Chinese market. Your company will then be able to gain greater access to an economy that is one of the fastest growing in the world.

Be a part of NUSRI

NUSRI is the first overseas research institute of NUS that aims to promote more international research activities within Suzhou Industrial Park. Being part of NUSRI also means we have the added advantage of drawing from the teaching and research excellence of NUS and affiliated organisations. Companies incubating with us in Suzhou will be immersed in a collectively entrepreneurial environment that is well balanced with Chinese culture and international perspectives.

For more information, visit http://block71.cn