Empowering Changemakers of the Future

The NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme is all about providing you with the entrepreneurial experience that you need to start-up your own journey. Gain access to twelve global entrepreneurial hotspots, take on the role of an entrepreneur at innovative start-ups, while attending courses at our renowned partner universities. Be empowered with the know-how and skill sets you need to make a change in the world today!



Jeffrey Tiong
Guan Dian



Darius Cheung



Quek Siu Rui
Lucas Ngoo
Marcus Tan


Henry Chan
Joel Leong



Royston Tay
Wu Wenxiang
Kwok Yang in
Julian Low


Lee Zhihan
Ellwyn Tan
Ivan Lau


Hew Joon Yeng
Lyon Lim



Mohani Belani
Thaddeus Koh



Ho Jia Jian



Luke Chong



In the Heart of NOC


Live, Think & Breathe Start-Ups

"Before going on the NOC programme in Shanghai, I already had a keen interest in doing business and my internship experience further opened my mind to the world of entrepreneurship. Working in an actual F&B start-up environment was a great learning process, as I took on different roles that allowed me to fulfill various responsibilities which impacted the company. It was all about tuning myself to innovate day in, day out, to solve real-world problems with start-up solutions. This helped me to develop both hard and soft skills which are truly invaluable for a holistic university education."

Xander Khoo Yong Liang, School of Design & Environment
NOC Shanghai alumnus

Up Close With The Right Communities

"As the startup scene in Singapore was gaining increasing attention, I was curious to find out more about entrepreneurship. I figured there was no better time for me to visit Silicon Valley, a place often crowned as the heart of entrepreneurship, the birthplace of start-ups. I wanted to find out what Silicon Valley is all about, and if there is anything Singaporeans can learn from. In this one year, I observed that the valley goes beyond just a physical location - it is a state of mind, where people there are extremely open to failures, they are not afraid of trying new ideas and they are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can address human’s needs. My one year internship experience opened my eyes to the vibrant entrepreneurial culture in the valley. I woke up every morning feeling excited to start my day - I get to work with and learn from start-up founders, build up my business skills sets, take part in entrepreneurial events and mingle with the local startup community. It is the best one year of my university life!"

Sylvia Look, NUS Business School
NOC Silicon Valley alumnus

Be Different

"I was blown away by how the team at my start-up entrusted me with the company's resources and responsibilities. NOC multiplies these functions for every one of its students by placing them in some of the world's most successful start-ups.

And when you're on the job, do new things that are beyond your comfort zone; do things that give you that jolt of adrenaline that your corporate friends don't get to feel."

Kyle Tan, NUS Business School
NOC Singapore alumnus

Combine Experiences with Academics

"I've always believed in the unlimited opportunities and challenges in entrepreneurship, but I knew I needed more business knowledge to realize my imagination. Thanks to NOC, the experience in Silicon Valley was incredibly life-changing and rewarding. I learned practical frameworks from the best professors of Stanford and NUS, and levelled up my skills at a start-up internship. I met interesting people and attended interesting events, matured through my travels and made new friends. There's really nothing like the NOC experience. The experience built me to be a better person with stronger beliefs. Today, I'm putting my knowledge and skills into building a start-up."

Ho Ren Sen, School of Computing
NOC Silicon Valley alumnus

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