Welcome to the Start-up City of China: Shenzhen; home city to Tencent, DJI, Huawei and OnePlus. Once dubbed as the manufacturing hub of the world, Shenzhen has transformed itself into the destination for entrepreneurs since its designation as China’s one of four Special Economic Region in 1980s. Since then, Shenzhen has created more than 20 unicorns and attracted techies from around the world and creates more than 1,000 start-up companies a day. In its core, constant innovation, lightning fast protoyping, rapid market penetration and the can-do spirit makes it the city where dreamers and makers create tomorrow’s cutting edge technology.
Experience the technological renaissance of Shenzhen today and discover the technology of tomorrow.
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NOC programme is financially neutral, whereby students should not incur additional costs due to their participation in the programme. During the programme, students will continue to pay for regular living expenses with their personal allowances, while they will be paid a monthly stipend to defray the additional expenses for living overseas. Students continue to pay regular tuition fee to NUS for the duration of the programme, while programme costs will be borne by NOC. Personal expenditures are expected to vary, as it depends on the individual preferences and lifestyle.

NUS Overseas Colleges will provide the following:

  • Tuition fees for approved entrepreneurship and discipline-based courses at the partner university
  • Consulting professor appointed to supervise student on internship
  • NUS student travel insurance
  • Return economy air ticket and cost of Visa application

Students need to pay:

  • ​Your regular tuition and other miscellaneous fees to NUS
  • Regular overseas living expenses
  • Additional expenses incurred for interest/recreational activities