NOC Lausanne is not available for Jan 2020 intake.

The NOC Lausanne programme was launched in 2016 in partnership with Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Open to post-graduates from the Faculty of Engineering, the School of Computing and Institute of Systems Science, the programme will focus on training students in design thinking, engineering, and technology commercialisation. The 6 months programme aims to expose students to deep techonology start-ups to encourage true technological innovation and scientific discovery.


We are currently preparing the detailed programme curriculum, which will be accessible via Curriculum Overview once it is available.

NOC Lausanne is a short programme, which will last for 6 months in total.

There is currently only 1 intake for the NOC Lausanne programme per academic year. Applications open in August for Semester 1 - January Intake. Keep a look out for emails and other publicity material from NUS Overseas Colleges during these periods.

  • 6-months full-time internship in a start-up
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Opportunities to network and attend conferences organised by the Swiss technology and business communities, including the EPFL Innovation Park, as well as activities within the University
  • Host companies conduct mid-term and final internship evaluations
  • Interns submit 2 internship reports and present mid-term and final internship reviews to NUS Overseas Colleges and their host companies

NOC Lausanne is credit bearing, and students will receive 20MCs for this programme.

NOC Components MCs
24 to 25 weeks internship; Part of research internship/project  12 credits
2 courses in EPFL related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship   8 credits
*NOC Lausanne students also need to attend the 1-week bootcamp for
TR4049 Seminars in entrepreneurship in NUS before departure.
Total 20 credits

Participating students will enjoy a scholarship from NOC that will cover the round-trip airfare from Singapore to Switzerland, costs of visa application, insurance and overseas tuition fees.