Humans of N-House

Chang Kaifeng

Faculty: Business School, Accountancy
NOC Beijing

Hi! I’m Kaifeng an alumni of NUS Overseas College Beijing. I had the great opportunity to spend my time at NOC with a venture capital firm in Beijing. The experience broadened my mind on the types of startups and the lifecycle of a startup. I have interests in corporate finance and social enterprises (hopefully one day the two shall merge). Always ready to chat over coffee!

Tham Jiang Jun

Faculty: Business School, Marketing
NOC Beijing

Hi! I’m Jiang Jun, an alumnus from NOC Beijing! I interned at the Xiaomi Global Marketing Department and was fortunate enough to witness the IPO of the company! There is something truly wonderful working in a tech company, where one is able to see the latest technology innovation and trends. You’d be impressed about how advanced tech products have become – Aside from school, I play music and make videos during my free time!

Zhang Long Jian

Faculty: FoS, Life Sciences
NOC Singapore

I am Long Jian and I am interested in deep tech and generally the area of commercialization of science. I spent my internship working in an urban vertical farm in Singapore. Lots of fresh veggies! I enjoy watersports and chilling over a nice cuppa of coffee. Feel free to pop by for a chat and coffee.

Adhyanta Rahma (Anya)

Faculty: SDE, Real Estate
NOC New York

Hi I’m Anya, alumni of NUS Overseas College New York. As a real estate major, I’m really glad to have the chance to work in a real estate start up and experience what the scene is like in New York. I’m also very proud to say that I helped my host company, Home Captain, to raise their series A fundraising! On a side note, I love spicy food, especially spicy Indonesian food! (I’m Indonesian) So if anybody wants a little something to spice up your day, hmu for my home-made signature sambal!

Augustine Lee

Faculty: FASS, Psychology
NOC Shanghai

Hi, I’m Augustine, an alumni from NOC Shanghai! I worked in a sustainability consulting firm in Shanghai. My one year in Shanghai was a life-changing one. I was exposed to technology that is much more advanced than in Singapore and lived in a city that is insanely convenient due to the plethora of amazing apps at my fingertips like food delivery and shopping apps. Imagine not having to leave your house for days! Also, cashless payment is already fully integrated in our everyday lives in China. I love meeting new people so contact me and we can chat over coffee.

Valerie Lui

Faculty: Business School
NOC Israel

Hello, I'm Valerie from NCIS 14 and I had the most amazing time of my life with my housemates in Israel! Despite my non-technical background, I was able to intern in a foodtech startup and accelerator: working with the most amazing people and even spent a lot of time in the laboratory. I love reading, gymming, traveling and I absolutely adore animals (that's my CEO's family Pomeranian btw). Hmu for a chat @vallq on Tele about anything anytime!