Our Teams

Meet the teams that make up NUS Enterprise and the people who help us make an impact in the global entrepreneurial landscape.

Senior Management

NUS Enterprise is helmed by a team of industry veterans, with keen passion in discovering and nurturing the spirit of enterprise.

Dr Lily Chan - CEO
Professor Wong Poh Kam - Senior Director
Dawn Ng - Director
Brian Koh - Director
Angeline Kwek - Director

Enterprise Operations & Support

NUS Enterprise is well staffed with personnel working in various support units to keep our organisation running at optimal level. The Marcom team handles all marketing and publicity functions to further enhance the NUS Enterprise brand. The Human Resource team looks after the welfare of our people while recruiting the best talents to join us. They work closely with the Finance team to oversee the smooth running of all operations and administrative matters.  There is also the IT team who work tirelessly to maintain the efficiency of our technical infrastructure and ensure our connectivity.  

NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC)

The team behind NOC work tirelessly to provide the best global entrepreneurial internship experience for our students. From recruitment and marketing of the various internship programmes to student and alumni engagement, they ensure that students are well placed before and after embarking on their overseas stints. When students are undergoing the programmes around the world in locations like New York, Beijing and Stockholm, the team works with our partner universities and companies at these locations to facilitate and maximise their internship experience. Even upon completion of their internships, the students continue to be well supported by the NOC team who help them settle into N-House, our entrepreneurs' residence on campus, as well as introduce them to the many other programmes and support services we offer.

NUS Industry Liaison Office (ILO)

Made up of highly experienced industry professionals, the ILO team is the bridge between research and industry. This entails working with researchers to commercialise their technologies by successfully bringing them to the market, whether it is an engineering invention or biomedical innovation. Intellectual property management is one of the main aspects of the team’s work, along with the administration of grants, patents and contracts.  

NUS Enterprise Incubator/Investments (NEI)

The NUS Enterprise Incubator/Investments (NEI) team manages our incubation spaces on and off campus as well as overseas, ensuring that our start-ups are well taken care of with adequate infrastructure and administrative support. They organise many programmes and events that contribute to a flourishing entrepreneurial community that benefits our incubatee companies. The team also plays an equally important role in helping our start-ups secure seed funding and grants, while connecting companies with potential investors and corporate organisations for business partnerships.  

NUS Entrepreneurship Centre (NEC)

Made up of members who are very knowledgeable and passionate about entrepreneurship, the NEC team creates and runs a variety of programmes, competitions, talks and workshops that are targeted at budding entrepreneurs. They link up with the university student bodies for entrepreneurship, and also provide valuable advice and support to aspiring social entrepreneurs while running initiatives like Social Venture Lab to promote and incubate social enterprises.