Our Community

Meet our partners who help us make an impact in the global entrepreneurial landscape.

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) seeks to transform Singapore into “An Intelligent Nation, A Global City, Powered by Infocomm”. IDA effects this by developing the infocomm cluster as a major engine of growth and leveraging infocomm for economic and social development. 

Media Development Authority

The Media Development Authority (MDA) was created in 2003 to develop Singapore into a vibrant global media city as well as to foster a creative economy and a connected society. Building on its achievements since then, the MDA is now working towards transforming Singapore into a Trusted Global Capital for New Asia Media.

National Research Foundation

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is a department within the Prime Minister's Office. The NRF helps set the national direction for research and development (R&D) by developing policies, plans and strategies for research, innovation and enterprise. It funds strategic initiatives and builds up R&D capabilities by nurturing scientific talent. The NRF aims to transform Singapore into a vibrant R&D hub that contributes a knowledge-intensive, innovative and entrepreneurial economy, and make Singapore a magnet for excellence in science and innovation.

SPRING Singapore

An agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, SPRING Singapore is responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. As the enterprise development agency, SPRING works with partners to help enterprises in financing, capability and management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets. As the national standards and accreditation body, SPRING develops and promotes an internationally-recognised standards and quality assurance infrastructure. SPRING also oversees the safety of general consumer goods in Singapore.

Nus Entrepreneurship Society

Founded in 1992, the NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) has grown to become one of the largest student societies in NUS and also a hub for entrepreneurship. The society serves to provide an abundance of learning and networking opportunities, as well as to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship through sharing of expertise and knowledge. Presently, the society hosts the most extensive national business plan competition and global entrepreneurship-related exchange projects. 


e27 has been a long-time partner with NUS Enterprise. As a media organisation focused on the Asian technology start-up industry, e27 adopts a Silicon Valley-style, community-driven advocacy of technology innovation in Asia. It does so by combining its online media with offline events to influence, discover and evangelise upcoming technology innovations from start-up communities around Asia.

It’s no wonder then that e27’s website is a trusted source of information on Asia’s growing start-up ecosystem with its readership base comprising the likes of founders, investors and regulators in the entrepreneurial community.

Hub Singapore

If you believe your business can change the world, come pursue it at The HUB Singapore. As part of a global network of 6,000 innovators in 40+ HUBs across 5 continents, it is a home for people who are driven to use entrepreneurial ideas to create sustainable impact.

The HUB Singapore provides a community for like-minded entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to connect and mingle with. You'll find co-working space, curated events, learning opportunities, mentors, access to funding, and a collaborative platform to source for co-founders and partnerships.

Although it isn't your typical incubator, The HUB Singapore still combines the best of an incubator that includes an innovation lab, a membership club, a collaborative working environment, a cafe and more. Furthermore, it’s the only space that brings together people making change, regardless of industry.

Whether you're a social enterprise, commercial start-up, non-profit, corporate, or just an individual who wants to make a difference, you're welcomed to pursue a positive social or environmental mission here.

Grameen Creative Lab

The Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) is part of the Grameen family of businesses; a joint venture between the Yunus Centre and circ responsibility, founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz, founder and creative director of circ. Their shared vision is the eradication of poverty – globally. The GCL is designed to eradicate poverty in the world by accelerating the social business movement. To do so the GCL connects with an international network of talented and dedicated young professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs, governments, universities and others.


BoP Hub aims to be the global platform to scale social innovations and create market-based ecosystems for affordable, essential products and services to the 4 billion in the Base of the Pyramid excluded from the formal economy.

It seeks to achieve their mission in the following ways:
  • Building Corporate Partnerships in the BoP
  • Engaging the Poor as Entrepreneurs
  • Integrating Cross-Sector Solutions
  • Creating a Knowledgebase
At its core, BoP Hub is a necessary intermediary between all of the players interested in serving the Base of the Pyramid, focused on building social business partnerships. Corporations and social enterprises have complementary capabilities but different languages, cultures, priorities and risk tolerances. They do not easily see how they can work together and are often wary of committing to joint ventures. By working with both sides as evangelists, strategic consultants, translators and implementation partners while leveraging the support of designers, technologists, academics and industry experts, BoP Hub can bridge this gap and launch the next generation of BoP partnerships


​Accel-X Pte Ltd is a venture capital fund that invests into early stage technology companies that are highly scalable. Led by Mr Edmund Yong, Accel-X brings with them more than 20 years of investment and portfolio management experience. The fund helps young technology firms to finance their expansion into viable markets as well as provide hands-on mentoring and injection of operational capabilities.

Some of its portfolio includes:

AfterYou Pte Ltd
A company that offers an automated platform which allows users to purchase and schedule domestic services. This platform intelligently schedules and tailors services to each individual's needs, based on the household profile and service requests made, so as to free up precious time for themselves and their loved ones.

Cinarra Systems Pte Ltd
A technology start-up that is changing the economics of the mobile industry by redefining the role of the network operators and over-the-top platforms. 

Inverted Edge Pte Ltd
A visionary fashion e-commerce platform that aims to offer an unexpected online experience around the best of Asia Pacific’s independent fashion designers. 

Personal e-Motion Pte Ltd
Started by the creator of KooBits, the technology enabling platform for ebooks software, digital scrapbooking and teaching ideas.

Patsnap Pte Ltd
An online platform that helps users extract valuable market insights from massive amount of patent data. 

Jitcomm Networks Pte Ltd
This company develops WAN (Wide Area Network) Acceleration hardware to compress and accelerate network traffic. 

XinYu (SG) Pte Ltd
A company that develops network communication devices that exploit existing power line or TV aerial/co-axial cable infrastructure as a medium to transmit communication signals. 

NavSemi Energy Pte Ltd - Exited
This company maximises energy harvesting, reduces system down time and providescommunication and control to end user for management decisions. 

FlightMedia Pte Ltd - Exited
A company that provides interactive digital content delivery platform solution for digital signage and services to enterprise and retailers, allowing cost-effective remote monitoring and management of their content. 

Infindo Technology Pte Ltd - Exited
A new start-up that specialises in providing mobile solutions for enterprise and mobile operators as well as mobile applications development for iPhone, iPad and Android platform.

MeSixty Pte Ltd - Exited
A start-up that specialises in finding any geo-tagged social media for any location, organises them based on how relevant they are to an individual, then allows users to interact and chat about them. 

Retriva Solutions Pte Ltd - Exited
Formed by the creators of GO-Halal - a technology-driven, expert verification engine of Halal products (including Zabiha meat) with real-time feedback that enables faster Halal Certification for businesses and ensuring the safe consumption of Halal products for the Muslim population.

Mobile Global Markets Pte Ltd - Exited
A mobile platform solution that provides dynamic timely news and data feeds via SMS or WAP onto portable handsets to empower users in making critical investment decisions with real-time information.