Having been intrigued with Nikola Tesla’s idea of power, Kenneth Lou set his vision on powering the world with wireless sensors networks in his early university days. This led him on a search for like-minded entrepreneurs to join his start-up journey. As a NUS student with the Business School , he went on to seek co-founders from campus, recruiting Mark Keong and Delane Foo from the Faculty of Engineering and School of Design & Environment respectively. The three of them made a deliberate decision to take a year of leave from school to set up Novelsys, a start-up focused on innovative solutions for consumers.

Based out of the co-working spaces at Prince George’s Park, the team received incubation support from NUS Enterprise, which included access to a network of successful entrepreneurs and start-ups and exclusive entry to the start-up validation programme. In addition, Kenneth also attended iLEAD (now known as NOC Singapore) , one of NUS Overseas Colleges programmes which allowed him to gain entrepreneurial experience. With plenty of incubation assistance and a $10,000 Innovation Practicum Grant, Novelsys was able to conduct further research and development on their product. In 2014, their first product, Ampere, a wireless charging sleeve for mobile phones, was born.

Ampere was a popular concept with consumers and helped Novelsys win many competitions locally and regionally. In January 2015, the team ran a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and successfully raised over USD$87,000. The product will be distributed in August 2015 to Novelsys’ customers who made the pre-orders.

Moving forward, the team which has grown from 3 to 8 members, is working on their next project, Juice, Singapore’s wireless charging network, which will be available at public places such as cafes, hotels, libraries and more.


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Winner at the following competitions: Startup@Singapore NUS competition, Tech Plan Grand Prix SG, Global TIC Award in Taipei, Taiwan, NUS N-tice startup challenge, Red Dot Ventures TIEN investor programme.

Finalist at APEC Startup Accelerator Summit Taipei, Taiwan. Awarded GOLD SITF Best Tertiary Startup.

Finalist at SITF Best Startup competition. Won Special Investment Award at 2014 Ideasinc. Secured iJam Tier 1 funding


Founder Kenneth Lou attended NOC iLEAD Programme (now known as NOC Singapore),

Raised USD$87,000 through Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign successfully.

Final 8 contestants of ChannelNewsAsia Startup Season 2