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Research has revealed that deep pressure therapy is effective in soothing autistic children, who often get distressed by stimuli such as loud noises, new faces or unexpected situations.

T.Ware’s flagship product – the T.Jacket – provides deep pressure touch, similar to a hug, which can be controlled by a smartphone app interface. This product is a smart wearable that can help to calm children with autism and other sensory disorders. In addition to being used on an individual basis, the T.Jacket is ideal for a classroom setting, as one caregiver can provide pressure therapy to multiple children in a customised manner, for example a light squeeze around the waist for one child and a hug on the back for another.

T.Ware was co-founded by James Teh, Lai Sep Riang and Lin Wei Liang, three NUS alumni from the Keio-NUS CUTE (Connective Ubiquitous Technology and Embodiments) Centre. As one of the pioneering recipients of the Xtra Chapter Challenge, an initiative from NUS Enterprise that provides a six-month stipend for PhD students to develop an “extra chapter” outlining the commercialisation plan of their invention, James developed a human-computer interaction system to allow people to communicate remotely through touch via the internet. He brought on- board two friends, Sep Riang and Wei Liang, who were also working in NUS in the field of haptics technology.

The trio received help from mentors and incubation managers in refining their business, also tapping upon legal and administrative support provided by NUS Enterprise. T.Ware has since grown into a team of 12 staff, located at Singapore’s entrepreneurial hub - Blk71. The company raised
$900,000 in funding from angel investments and government grants, and plans to raise more funds to both assist with the market expansion of the T.Jacket and develop a medical-grade version of the product.


Entrepreneurship Support, Entrepreneurship Outreach


James Teh awarded NUS Enterprise’s Xtra Chapter Challenge for his PhD thesis in haptic research


T.Ware founded by James Teh, Lai Sep Riang and Lin Wei Liang


The T.Jacket is showcased at local and international events such as InnovFest (Singapore) and CeBIT (Hanover, Germany) 

2012 to 2013

First batch of T.Jackets delivered
Won the 2014 Asian Entrepreneurship Award (Kashiwanoha, Chiba Prefecture, Japan)