This Personal Data Protection Notice is issued pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”)

By registering online for this event and clicking on the box: “Consent is hereby given to NUS under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and according to the Personal Data Protection Notice which I have read.”, you:

We Process your Personal Data, in accordance with the PDPA, for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

Your up-to-date and accurate Personal Data is necessary to enable us to constantly improve the quality, and the relevancy to you, of events that are planned.

Failure to Supply your Personal Data
If you choose not to provide some of all the information requested by us in accordance with the PDPA, we may not be able to keep relevant, accurate and complete Personal Data about you and this may affect our ability to accomplish the purposes set out above.

We may disclose your Personal Data
We may disclose your Personal Data, for any of the Purposes and in accordance with the PDPA, to:any related companies of NUS;

Data Security
NUS will keep and process your Personal Data in a secure manner.  NUS will provide and implement appropriate administrative security safeguards to ensure your Personal Data will not be misused and to prevent any unauthorised Processing of your Personal Data.

Your Right to Access Your Personal Data

You have the right to access and to amend your Personal Data which is in our custody. You may contact NUS to:  

*a reasonable fee on a cost-recovery basis may be chargeable

You can contact our designated representative on any queries or for any information regarding the processing of your Personal Data by us, as follows:

Data Protection Officer
NUS Enterprise
Email: enterprise@nus.edu.sg