Israel has garnered its reputation as "Start-Up Nation" due to its vibrant entrepreneurial and tech scene, with a lot of start-up activity is centered in and around Tel Aviv, Israel's business and start-up capital. The city plays host to many technology meet-ups and business conferences, boasting a thriving arts scene as well as a very open and diverse society.

With more than 4,000 start-ups in the country, there will be plenty of internship opportunities available across diverse industries at NOC Israel.You’ll get first-hand exposure to companies doing cutting edge work in software development, telecommunications, e-commerce, medical diagnostics, biotech, as well as alternative energy and cleantech, among other fields. During your internship, you will also be studying part-time at our partner universities, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya as well as Tel Aviv University.

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NOC Israel is a short programme, which will last for 6 months in total.

There are 2 intakes for the NOC Israel  programme within each academic year. Applications open in August for Semester 1 and January for Semester 2. Keep a look out for EDMs and other publicity material from NUS Overseas Colleges during these periods.

Knowledge of Hebrew is helpful but not required at all. The internship and courses are all conducted in English, which is widely used in Tel Aviv and in the high tech and business communities all over Israel.

  • 6-month full-time internship in a technology company based in Tel Aviv or another city
  • Part-time course on new venture creation or business innovation conducted by the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at the Inter Disciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya or at the Recanti Business School at Tel Aviv University
  • Opportunities to attend meet-ups and conferences organised by the Tel Aviv technology and business communities as well as activities within IDC and Tel Aviv University
  • Host companies conduct mid-term and final internship evaluations
  • Interns submit 2 internship reports and present mid-term and final internship reviews to NUS Overseas Colleges and their host companies

The stint at the NOC Israel is currently credit bearing and students will receive up to 20 MCs for this 6 month-long programme. Students may count the internship to their NUS degree requirement as approved by their respective faculty.

Undergraduate students from the Engineering Faculty and School of Computing can apply to their departments to have their six month-long (Israel) internships recognized as self-sourced industrial attachment that is worth 12 modular credits through Self-Initiated IA.

Students selected for the NOC Israel programme will receive an internship allowance/scholarship over the period of 6 months in Israel which will be used to pay for their living cost overseas (accommodation, transportations, meals). Students are also expected to incur a personal monthly expenditure of USD500 a month (approx) to supplement their living expenses according to individual lifestyle.

NUS Overseas Colleges will provide the following: 

  • NUS student travel insurance
  • Return economy air ticket and cost of Visa application
  • Course fees or Workshop lectures and materials

Student Testimonials

My NOC experience in Israel really pushed me to maximise my potential of what I could achieve. Despite being an intern in an IT start-up, my CEO actually valued my inputs and made me feel that my work is important to the company. I got to see first-hand how a start-up works and be inspired by the passion and creativity of those who run a business. After returning, I’m more confident about my capabilities and clearer about my career path ahead. The NOC programme was a truly life-changing experience for me, a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity which I will always cherish.

Liu Mengyi

NOC Israel alumnus, Faculty of Faculty of Engineering

The NOC programme allows you to pick up life skills which are not taught in the classroom. I had to learn quickly on the job and often think outside the box when interning with a tech start-up in Israel. Working closely with my boss further honed my management skills which you would usually not get in a big company. This has made me more confident in taking on new challenges, whether it is starting my own business or working in my first job after graduation.

John Lim En Dian

NOC Israel alumnus, Faculty of Undergraduate, School of Computing