Humans of N-House

Goh Suen Rong

Faculty: FoE, Chemical Engineering
NOC Beijing

Hi, I’m Suen! I am an alumni from NOC Beijing and trust me, you will be amazed by the clear and blue sky of Beijing. It’s a great and culturally rich city for adventurous souls to explore and one just can’t get enough of Taobao! Find me if you want to know more! That aside, I enjoy playing badminton and swimming, ring me up if you need a sport buddy!

Khoo Peck Seng (Aaron)

Faculty: FoS, Quantitative Finance
NOC Israel

Hey! I am Aaron. I had an amazing time and experience in NOC Israel (Why amazing? The people I met). Passionate about Big Data Analytics as well as the driving force for this 4th Industrial Revolution - IoT. Enjoy eating Ilao Ilao and many good food. Always smiling with my mouth open :D Feel free to contact me if you want to chat!

Chia Yih Jeng, Andrew

Faculty: FoE, Materials Science and Engineering & Management as 2nd major
NOC Singapore

Hello to all, I’m Andrew, currently undertaking the NUS Overseas College in Singapore. Having to take on a double major journey in NUS, I have always been passionate in obtaining knowledge and skills relating to both engineering as well as business, and hope to apply them to the real life context in making the world a better place. That’s the reason why I joined NOC. I am currently interning as a business development intern in an engineering company in Blk 71. Privately, I loves reading, and jogging. If you are interested in the adventures I am having, don’t hesitate to hmu, and let’s chat over coffee :)

Chong Zhi Xian Timothy

Faculty: SoC, Business Analytics
NOC Silicon Valley

Hey all, I’m Tim, an alumni of NUS Overseas College Silicon Valley and spent most of my year in the awesome city of San Francisco. Passionate about AI/ML augmentation, especially in the finance industry. Heavily involved in data science, from Quantopian to Kaggle competitions. (do hit me up if you want to work together). Interested in the fintech start-up scene, specifically on the blockchains and wealth-management areas. I love music and sports, like snowboarding, riding my fixie, and skating to commute around school. Do say hi if you see me cruising around on my boosted board.

Fabian Ng Pek Chun

Faculty: NUS Business School
NOC Beijing

Hi there. I am Fabian Ng, alumni of NUS Overseas College Beijing. I spent a year at the Xiaomi Global Marketing team at one of the most exciting period when Chinese companies are moving global. I love exploring the nature sceneries around Beijing city, while immersing in the amazing city life at the same time. I love running, and represented Singapore at the ASEAN University Games in 2016. Say hi if we bump into one another, cheers!

Lim Jie Ai

Faculty: FoS, Food science and Technology
NOC Israel

What’s Up! I’m Ai from NUS Overseas College Israel, plugged into the exciting food tech ecosystem in Startup Nation and Singapore. Fun fact: I once did 3 s’s in 3 days: snorkelling, scuba diving, and sky-diving - all firsts for me. Ping me for events, competitions, chats, or food, via Facebook or email I’m always ready! :)

Phoon Mei Hui

Faculty: FASS, Economics
NOC Shanghai

Hey guys! I'm Mei Hui, an alumni of NUS Overseas Colleges (Shanghai). I've always joked to my friends in Singapore that my body won't be the same anymore after I come back from Shanghai - think fake food, air pollution and gutter oil. Indeed, Shanghai has changed me in so many ways but it's in terms of perceptions, aspirations and the way of living. I'm truly being spoiled by the convenience the city has brought to me - making payments, getting around, making (crazy) purchases, get food delivered to your doorstep and more with just a phone. A (really amateur) Bitcoin and cryptocurrency geek. Passionate about promoting financial inclusion in developing cities. Come hmu if you wanna know more about the adventures and misadventures I had in China!