A career with us

So why work at NUS Enterprise? We can think of many reasons why our staff love working here and most importantly, building a career with us.

Whatever your interests, you can be sure that NUS Enterprise offers you an abundance of opportunities for your professional, personal and intellectual growth. With a broad range of available training programmes and on-campus network of faculties, schools and institutes, there is always room for your constant professional development.

We also offer a market-competitive rewards package that considers your experience and qualifications. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the many perks that come with working on campus. We’re talking about interesting recreational and F&B facilities, wellness programmes, performances, heavily subsidised NUS graduate programmes, and a wide array of staff discounts with campus merchants.

We are also proud to say that you will enjoy working alongside bright, diverse and dedicated colleagues who support and inspire one another. All this in a warm and friendly environment that allows you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

So join us, be part of NUS Enterprise today. Because it’s more than just a career – it’s an amazing experience where you will excel beyond all imagination.


NUS Enterprise
IT Manager (Applications and Projects)

NUS Enterprise Incubator
Senior Manager/Associate Director Ecosysem Development (Incubation) - Accelerator Programme Director
Assistant Manager/Manager Ecosystem Development (Incubation) - Community & Outreach Manager
Executive/Senior Executive Ecosystem Development (Incubation) - Data & Systems Coordinator

NUS Entrepreneurship Centre
Senior Manager/Manager (Portfolio & Dealflow)

NUS Overseas Colleges
NUS Overseas Colleges Programme Manager
Assistant Manager/Senior Executive


NUS Enterprise
Casual Management Support

NUS Entrepreneurship Centre
Temporary Management Support